Emeryville Public Market announces Granja Eatery, Oui Oui Macaron tenants

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It’s been nearly two and half years since the Public Market announced the lease-signing of an 800 square foot food stall by Peruvian chef Carlos Altamirano slated to be called “Chicharron”. The bad news is that the plans for Chicharron have been apparently scrapped, the good news is that Altamirano will instead be expanding his concept to a 1,500 square foot Restaurant called Granja Eatery. In addition, one of the shipping container kiosks has been leased to Oui Oui Macaron which already operate a shop at the Serramonte Center mall in Daly City.


A lot has happened in our city since the Public Market announced their Food Hall renovation plans in 2013 and Public Market visitors have expressed restlessness as the stalls remain mostly vacant and announced additions have moved along at a snail’s pace. The Public Market has stuck to its vision of bringing in unique and local destinations and have kept the space active with the addition of several public art pieces as well as a living wall.

“Folks have been very excited about the changes.” noted CCRP’s Co-Founder Mark Stefan. “We’ve got people Instagramming everything from Ramen to Wazwan’s new colorful ceramic dishes to taking selfies by the new artwork. People are getting re-acquainted with this freshened up Public Market experience.”

The Michelin-honored chef/owner Altamirano boasts a stable of Peruvian inspired eating establishments including La Costanera in Half Moon Bay, Piqueo’s and Mochica in SF, Parada in Walnut Creek and the Sanguchon mobile food trucks. Granja, like his other establishments, will offer authentic Peruvian dishes but “layer in a street food element”. The casual atmosphere will feature an open kitchen and a bar serving wine, beer and sangria.

“Carlos’s expanded plans at Public Market signify not only an exciting milestone for the revitalized Food Hall” added Stefan. “But also resonate with our vision for this unique, chef-driven, local food destination – all in a place designed to make people feel comfortable and welcome.” Granja Eatery will provide another needed anchor to go along with the popular Hot Italian Pizza.



The announced Oui Oui macarons are known for their handcrafted, colorful and creative macarons, but also serve ice cream sandwiches and other confections. Oui Oui will be the first tenant to operate from one of Public Market’s 300 square foot shipping container kiosks which are installed within the Food Hall. Using a shipping container is an innovative approach that allows a tenant not requiring major food operations to easily set up and also aesthetically aligns with the industrial roots of the Public Market space.

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This year has already seen the addition of Shiba Ramen and Koja Kitchen who opened earlier this year with Mayo & Mustard and We Sushi slated to open later this spring. Oui Oui Macaron is expected to open in July while Granja is anticipated to open in the fall. The announced New Seasons Market grocery store is slated for 2017 with further tenant announcements promised.

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  1. I sure hope somebody does something with the space! I dropped in, last week, looking for some lunch and having no idea of the almost total elimination of food options, since last I was there. What the hell happened? I loved eating there, choosing a different cuisine every time. Doubt I’ll be coming in, any time soon.

  2. They ruined this place. The only question now is whether it will be a successful or unsuccessful attempt at suburban gentrification. Always good to entirely destroy a successful organic local concept (and all the successful local small businesses it housed) and replace with an inauthentic outsider’s concept of a kitschy space. The pandering about environmental reuse of building materials is the icing on the cake. Someone in management is head over heels in love with their own idea.

  3. Ah, I just read the flack’s press release. The space has been “revitalized” and “refreshed”, and “people are excited” about it, according to their tweets. When I went in last week, it looked more like a murder scene, with about a dozen people wandering around, like me, trying to find something to eat. This is some use of “revitalized” with which I am unfamiliar. “Euthanized” would be more accurate. What a sad, sad thing. I’ll miss it.

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