Yuzu Ramen & Broffee moving into former Bacano Bakery spot

Published On June 20, 2016 | By Rob Arias | In the Neighborhood, Local Businesses, Restaurants

YUZU Ramen & Broffee has announced it will be opening at the former Bacano Bakery spot on 1298 65th Street. Riding a recent food trend, Yuzu will join the Public Market’s Shiba Ramen as new Ramen spots that have opened in Emeryville over the past year.

The site is a contentious one as the previous two tenants have both shuttered amid reported disputes with the property owners. A 25% rent increase led to the departure of Cafe Aquarius back in 2013, and most recently, Bacano Bakery abruptly closed after a reported legal dispute. Sources have pointed the finger at the location’s repeated flooding issues over the course of more than a year and subsequent legal battles with the landlord to remedy the issue. Flooding that caused significant financial losses and hundreds of wasted hours for Bacano’s owners as they worked to resolve these issues before opting to cut their loses.

Despite this history and the city’s general lack of small business support, these new tenants have opted to give it a go.

Yuzu draws its menu and inspiration from the Osaka region of Japan which their site describes as “the street gourmet capital of Japan” and apparently one that is known for great ramens. Yuzu will serve a balance of traditional ramens like their hearty tonkotsu (pork bone) and gyukotsu (beef bone) mixed with contemporary ramens like a cheese ramen. Yuzu will also serve Japanese appetizers including Chicken Karaage and Veg Fries with plans to bolster the menu further once established.

Yuzu will also serve something called “Broffee” which is said to be a more nutritional substitute to our morning caffeinated habit. Broffee is described as hot bone broth served in cups with freshly baked bread on the side. Broffee’s flavor can be enhanced with savory condiments such as rock salt, fresh pepper and soy sauce or can be sweetened with sugar, honey or milk.

Yuzu will reportedly open as early as July and serve lunch & dinner. Visit them online at www.yuzurb.com

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  1. Andre' Carpiaux says:

    The flooding of an area , is the responsibility of the City of Oakland’s district one territory of councilmen Daniel Kalk. Obviously he is doing his job in protecting the living condition of the business operating in his district. So I hope the new business is going to raise the issue again
    of the flooding condition that has affected all the properties West of that area.
    Contact me personally for more dealing and filing a claim as a cause of action for damages

  2. Mike M. says:

    Lots of talk in E’ville about the importance of local-serving business. But also a high level of bankruptcies among local-serving businesses. Since the city is also determined to make parking difficult and reduce traffic, people are being discouraged from traveling to E’ville to support these businesses. Since the business owners are in many cases losing their life savings, I hope that our good citizens will put a bit more of their money where their statements are in the future.

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