Grand Opening of Mid-Century Influenced ‘Atomic City’ North Oakland Condo Community

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Manou Design Group, a residential design firm based in Oakland, announced the grand opening of Atomic City, the first net-zero, new home community in Oakland.

Located in the vibrant pocket between North Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville, the 15 unit development was designed with the vision to “inhabit less, live larger.” The first of its kind in Oakland, Atomic City is a net-zero community, meaning it produces as much energy as it consumes. The energy is minimized by using renewable energy systems and efficient products, including solar panels, rainwater harvesting cisterns, solar skylights with built-in rain sensors, LED lighting, and solar hot water heaters.

Along with making net-zero living the forefront of this project, Eric Manou, Principal of Manou Design Group designed the project to create efficient living areas and common areas that create a real sense of community. “When condo projects have large units with private garages, owners tend not to know or visit with their neighbors. We created efficient, well designed units that are spacious and comfortable but encourage use of the common areas.” The central location boasts cultural diversity, an abundant selection of restaurants, cafes, and shops and a charming mix of a small town feel with city conveniences.

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Each home is fully detached with large windows and a private garden. Inspired by the Atomic Era, the homes were designed with careful attention to details in function and a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. A nod to mid-century modern design that originated from the 1950’s and 1960’s is seen throughout. The Atomic Era also brought futuristic concepts to the present, which is why Atomic City addresses renewable energy, resources and limited water supply – because “the future is here.” Top of the line appliances and finishes are included, such as a Miele dishwasher, Fagor refrigerator, quartz countertops & Legrand Wi-Fi ready light switches.

“This North Oakland neighborhood is special because it’s extremely accessible. Everything is a short walk away: grocery stores, parks, restaurants, cafes and public transportation that will basically get you anywhere in the Bay Area,” said Leo Peak, Atomic City’s listing agent.

For more information on Atomic City, email Realtor Leo Peak or visit atomiccityliving.com.

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  1. That’s quite the reach (design wise). It’s just a box with the latest amenities. Far from groundbreaking era so aptly co-oped. Try going back to the drawing board.

  2. Most new building today look they were designed by someone who just completed their first Introduction to AutoCAD course. They are alway just 2- 3 intersected cubes. Cheap to build, complete absence of style.

    Architecture without all the extra unnecessary work of design and style.

  3. Compared to other apartments/condos in the area these are externally very nice but very small internally. Whomever buys these spots needs to be aware that they dont have garages and there is very little closet space inside the units themselves. All of the other complexes at the least have single car garages.

    These units do remind me of the tiny apartments in London where “Open Plan” simply means your lounge/dining room/kitchen are just one small room and you will be intimately involved with whatever your neighbor is doing in their back yard.

    I guess expectations from developers is much lower than it was in the past, let us not forget that this piece of land was an abandoned, graffiti covered eyesore before 🙂

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