Latest Public Market Lease Signings: Market Bar by Blush, Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery

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The Public Market seems to be going in a decidedly Asian-influenced direction with their recent cuisine announcements. The additions of Shiba Ramen (Japanese), Fish Face Poke (Polynesian), Nyum Bai (Cambodian), Koja Kitchen (Korean/Japanese) and We Sushi (Japanese) and departures of some longtime tenants have left room for a good ol’ burger or taco spot from conversations we’ve had. We’ve also heard the desire expressed for a good dessert or cocktail spot. Two of these appear to have been fulfilled with the recent lease signings of Market Bar by Blush and Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery.

Market Bar by Blush

The Public Market has indicated it would like to bring more nightlife to the Market Hall to support their eateries and have already announced the Periodic Table Sake and Craft Beer stall. A recent ABC license posting for a new bar called “Blush” shows that the Public Market is serious about this. Attracting a brewery to the former Broken Rack/In-Shape spot is rumored to be part of their road map as well.

Russ Fukushima and Taylor Kim are childhood friends and the business partners behind Blush and have already had success with locations in San Jose’s San Pedro Square and San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. “Blush is extremely excited to bring our concept to the new Emeryville Public Market” noted Fukushima through email.

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Both current establishments have a bit of a “swanky” vibe to them so it’s unclear how this will translate to the Public Market (clearly not “swanky”). “Our vision for this concept is to build a focal point and a heart beat for the Market Hall” added Kim. “With the joint effort of the market management, we want to help drive the entertainment and social aspect of the entire Market Hall venue.”


Blush will bring their popular frosted ice drinks as well as traditional hand-crafted cocktails. They will also feature a selection of over 100 bottled beers. Blush plans to open its doors to Emeryville in late April/early May.

View their sister businesses on the web at blushrawbarlounge.com

Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery

East Bay born Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery also recently announced they will be opening a Public Market stall. Mr. Dewie’s recently opened their first “Cashew Creamery” retail spot on Solano Avenue in Albany.

Ari & Andrew Cohen founded Mr. Dewie’s in Oakland in 2011 to meet their own dietary needs. Cashew “milk” is a dairy-free, vegan, soy-free & gluten free alternative to traditional ice cream. Mr. Dewie’s also offers coconut milk ice creams for those that cannot eat nuts. Their product tagline is “Like Ice Cream, Only Better!”

They currently offer 16 flavors including traditional and more exotic flavors such as pumpkin pie, lemon cookie and chocolate orange chip. They offer cones, cups, pints, sundaes, bon-bons, ice cream sandwiches and other treats.

Visit them on the web at mrdewies.com

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  1. Great additions to the Public Market. Interesting to see that a bar is moving in, the Public Market closes at 9PM if I am not mistaken.

  2. Glad to hear Mr. Dewie’s is moving in–the cashew “ice cream” is delicious, whether or not you have to limit your dairy intake! Smooth, creamy & in some cases tastes even better than ice cream!

  3. We had a great ice cream place before. Now we get this special needs version for niche ice cream users.

    Any chance we can just invite all the original tenants back and return the market to its former glory as a community marketplace and food hall?

    The place just keeps getting less and less appealing to everyday people who like to eat, you know, food.

    • I disliked the old tenants and found any reason I could to not eat there. I enjoy eating food that is held to a higher standard than slop sitting in a heat pan all day.

      • Ooh, maybe you’re the reason the place is so empty. I’ve heard snooty pairs well with a crisp Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.

  4. Used to be so many good places to eat in the good old days. Now they are gone and the place is so uppity/yuppity. Was so family oriented then and now it is a specialty food faire.

    • It’s not even really upscale. They replaced successful and decades old restaurants with newbie food truck transplants. I hope they lowered the rent for the new tenants. Given the changes and the reduced traffic, the current tenants should be paying a lot less now.

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