Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery Opens at Emeryville Public Market

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After revealing their expansion plans into Emeryville just last month, Mr. Dewie’s Cashew Creamery announced the grand opening of their Public Market stall on Saturday through Twitter. “So it is now official! Mr. Dewie’s ‘West’, in the Emeryville Public Market, is now open for business!!!! Whoo hoo!” Their opening adds another dessert option to go along with Oui Oui Macaron which opened last October.

Ari & Andrew Cohen founded Mr. Dewie’s in Oakland in 2011 in response to their personal dietary needs. Cashew “milk” is a dairy-free, vegan, soy-free & gluten-free alternative to traditional ice cream. Mr. Dewie’s opened their first retail spot on Solano Avenue in Albany last year.

They currently offer the above 14 flavors which are available in a cup or three varieties of cones. A single scoop will set you back $4 while a handpacked pint to-go runs $9. In addition to scoops, they also offer sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, bon bons and a selection of baked goods.

The next Public Market announcement will probably be the much anticipated Paradita Eatery which is slated to open sometime in Spring. As previously reported, construction efforts to realign Shellmound Street will impact parking and thoroughfare through October.

Feature Image: @MrDewies via Twitter.

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    • If by “real” ice cream you mean dairy based ice-cream, then no. Just nut-based ice cream. I did read they sell a coconut ice cream as well.

      • Cream, by definition, requires milk.

        “Dairy based ice-cream” is like saying “Meat based chicken”.

    • Because serving non-vegan ice cream side by side with vegan ice cream would be a terrible thing?

      • No, that was for “cashew ice cream is technically not ice cream because cream requires dairy” guy

        Was that you?

      • well, it’s not like there is nowhere else to get cow dairy ice cream…

      • is there another place at the public market that serves ice cream? there used to be a great ice cream shop back when the market was more of a family friendly place.

      • Hot Italian serves Gelato. Shiba & Oui Oui both serve dairy-based ice cream sandwiches. I would anticipate New Seasons would also sell ice cream so their should be plenty of options for everyone.

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