“Rottenest City” profiled as a travel destination on HuffPost

Published On November 14, 2014 | By Rob Arias | Arts & Culture, Entertainment, In the Neighborhood

E’ville seems to be on quite a roll as of late. Recently profiled in the popular “Why I love series” on The Bold Italic and pronounced “California’s Digital Capital” by Google, now we’ve “made the big time” with an appearance in The Huffington Post Travel section. I’ve always considered Emeryville more of a staging area for visiting other areas like SF, Oakland and Napa than an actual tourist destination … perhaps that is slowly changing! The article touches briefly on our illustrious past, but also profiles quite a few local treasures (some that even I wasn’t aware of!). The article also references our identity as “E’villains” (something The E’ville Eye will proudly take credit for ;).

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HUFFPOST TRAVEL: Rottenest City on the Pacific Coast


Originally established as a “pleasure town”, Chief Justice of the US, Earl Warren, dubbed Emeryville as “the rottenest city on the Pacific Coast” in 1927. It seems fitting that local residents refer to it as Eville and themselves as Evillains. The city lines were redrawn numerous times to exclude any churches, as gambling parlors, brothels, and speakeasies were the lawless epicenter of the city. Despite being known for big box stores, corporate HQ’s, and most notoriously for Swedish-made home goods, Emeryville still holds on to its rotten roots as it was a city built on underdogs, rebels, and hard workers with a certain edge.

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  1. Curtis says:

    Interesting article. True. These days Emeryville is actually very nice – it’s full of mirrored office buildings, posh parks and restaurants all catering to new generation Y’ers; you’d better have some decent cash if you want to find a rental/home in this town. But still a few of the kind of bars us old people (40) like to frequent.

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