Baby Café Hong Kong Style Cuisine Latest to Ink Lease at Public Market Emeryville

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Public Market Emeryville’s tagline is “travel the world one bite at a time” which captures their ambitions of having a selection of purveyors from across the globe.

Their food court currently contains representatives of at least a dozen types of cuisine including Peruvian, Japanese, Indian and Korean. Missing though since the days of Crispy Fry is a solid Chinese food option. This is about to change.

Baby Café’s original location is on 11th and Webster in Oakland’s Chinatown District.

The Public Market recently inked an agreement with Oakland’s Chinatown-born ‘Baby Café’ to open a stall in their ever-growing food hall. Baby Café serves Hong Kong style Chinese food “with a touch of Western culture.”

“If you think Hong Kong style Chinese cuisine is all about dim sum and fried rice, think again,” they note on their website. In addition to noodle and rice plates, their extensive menu includes tea and deserts.

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“We’re excited that Baby Café has chosen Public Market for its next location,” said Public Market owner CCRP president Mark Stefan. “Their fusion approach to Chinese cuisine that includes desserts and specialty teas will be a great addition to the Food Hall.”

Baby Cafe is rapidly expanding in the Bay Area with establishments in Downtown Oakland, Alameda and Union City. They also have locations opening up in Newark and Hayward.

Baby Café will be located in the stall adjacent to Pig in a Pickle, directly across from Minnie Bells. They are targeting mid-2019 for their grand opening.

Browse their menu on babycaferestaurants.com.

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  1. Why do you torture us by mentioning the death of Crispy Fry (while promoting the bastards who killed it)?

    I have not had a decent Kung Pao Shrimp since the scoundrels took over the Public Market and ruined the place. They will never be forgiven until Crispy Fry is returned to its rightful place in the Market and/or the new owners are tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail (or the Emery-go-Round).

    May the ghosts of a million shrimp haunt these imposters who dare tread where the Fry once and shall forever reign. May their souls burn in the eternal mildly spicy fires of Kung Pao.

    The new Public Market so completely and unashamedly sucks rocks. And the bozos who came to our town and ran out all the popular family owned restaurants deserve nothing but our scorn and disgust.

    Where are the scorn and disgust emojis on this keyboard… ????

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