Warriors Power Forward & Emeryville resident Draymond Green heading to NBA Finals

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E’ville is no stranger to fame and we provided a fairly comprehensive list back in August. One we failed to mention that has come into the spotlight recently because of the success of the team he plays for, is Warriors power forward Draymond Green. Green’s Golden State Warriors will be heading to the NBA finals starting June 4th for the first time since 1975.

Green signing a three-year rookie contact in 2012 worth an estimated $2.6 million. Green eschewed the more cosmopolitan areas of SF and Lake Merritt and instead settled in a “modest apartment” at the Courtyards complex on 65th & Hollis. “I’ve been pretty broke my entire life,” Green said in this SFGate interview. “I’m not going to live that same life, but I’m going to keep those same principles.”

Green at his Emeryville apartment where’s he’s lived since he was a rookie in 2014
(Photo: Lance Iversen/Chronicle)

The article also points out that he does all his shopping at Pak ‘n Save … because there’s no Walmart in the area (Hopefully he’s found Berkeley Bowl or TJ’s by now). Draymond can frequently been seen at KYU 2 Sushi right below his home (can we get a sushi roll named after him already?) and pics of him periodically show up on Instagram with starstruck fans. Green even made a well attended appearance at The Powell Street Plaza Jamba Juice to sign autographs (no word if he in fact walked over).

Sightings by residents are pretty common and he’s generally down for a quick pic.

There’s a line about 100 deep to see Draymond Green of the @Warriors @jambajuice in #Emeryville #eastBay #oakland #evillains #Warriors

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Raised in Saginaw Michigan, he was a two-time state champion in high school and earned national Player of the Year honors as a senior for Michigan State. Green was drafted in the second round with the 35th overall pick in 2012 and has worked his way into the starting line-up this season with his hard-nosed, gritty play. Green has come into his own as a starter this season, seizing the role from 2013 All-Star David Lee. Green garnered 2nd place in NBA Defensive player of the year award this season (controversially according to many who argue he should have won) and was second in the league behind his teammate Steph Curry in the revealing plus-minus stat that measures point differential while on the court. SBNation.com writer Tom Ziller referred to him as “an irreplaceable two-way monster so central to the Warriors’ success that you start to wonder if he’s as valuable as the MVP.”

Green is a restricted free agent next season and is expected to garner an NBA “Max” contract of somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 Million per season. If indeed the Warriors are able to retain him, we’ll see if having all that dough will help him upgrade to a deeded parking spot (His Michigan State vanity plated Range Rover can regularly be seen parked on Hollis) or tempt him into upgrading to a more affluent community.

[youtube id=”Gtx11wrcKP0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]
Not quite a household name at this point, he did land a Beats by Dre spot:

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[UPDATE: I had initially incorrectly reported that Draymond purchased his unit.]

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    • Ha! I hope not. But if he’s making $15 million next year I’d be shocked if he stays at his apt. Don’t blame us!

  1. Warrior history reminds me that he won’t be back. Because when contracts are up players seek their worth elsewhere. And right no sweat groupies probably already know where he lays his head

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