Miami Musician Sylvan LaCue releases video for album single titled “Emeryville”

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San Francisco and San Jose both have songs about them, now little Emeryville does too (although to be fair, so does Lodi). Miami based artist Sylvan LaCue has released a video for his latest single titled “Emeryville” off of his fourth studio album “Far From Familiar”.

According to HyperFreshMag.com, the song “reflects on a trip to Emeryville, CA, where he fell in love with a girl that helped him overcome the adversity and gave him the courage to take the necessary steps to discovering the inner self he’s been searching for” (glad we could help!). LaCue overcame the obstacles of what is described as a long distance relationship with Evangeline who is now LaCue’s fiancé.


Despite being titled Emeryville, the lyrics don’t reveal much about our city but do reference other parts of the Bay:

Sundown, party playing through the afternoon/
There’s much more out of Telegraph Avenue

Young girl from the bay, you would rather choose/
No games being played, you would rather lose

LaCue announced the video release through his Twitter handle @SylvanLacue:

“The video’s essentially about chasing the woman of your dreams,” LaCue explained in this pigeonsandplanes.com blog post. “It’s this perfect idea of the perfect girl in a perfect place that you can see, but never seem to get to. In the end, she finds you, just when you give up, and forces you back to reality. Which essentially means, she exists in real life, not just your dreams.”

[youtube id=”Ulvxre_CgRo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

“We shot this all over the Bay Area” LaCue notes in the video thread. The video begins with LaCue emerging from a dreamlike state in what could be Marina Park but under closer scrutiny, is most likely not. “Nothing recognizable” when I queried longtime Marina area resident and Examiner writer Cindy Warner. Most of the video appears to be filmed at the Presidio in SF with sweeping shots of the Golden Gate bridge. The video was directed by Los Angeles based Jonathan Benavente with Cinematography by Nick Mahar.

“‘Emeryville’ signifies the true beginning to my relationship with Evangeline, the woman I wrote about in my previous EP,” LaCue goes on to explain. “’Emeryville’ is essentially about the struggle to admit that you want to belong to someone who’s struggling to admit that they want to belong to you too.”

The track is available for purchase on Apple iTunes and Google Play or streaming on Spotify:

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