Construction of long awaited Emeryville Skate Park underway

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Nearly four years ago when The E’ville Eye was in its infancy, we spotlighted the injustice of the demolition of “The Spot” DIY skatepark built by passionate local skateboarders under the MacArthur Maze. Shortly after its bulldozing by CalTrans, the spot resumed its previous life as an encampment and drug bazaar leading us to dub it “Camp CalTrans”.


While Emeryville could do little to thwart the spot’s demolition, Councilmember Nora Davis made good on her word by lobbying for the city to provide an Emeryville skate park for neighborhood skaters to call their own. Davis introduced the idea of creating a skate spot at Joseph Emery Park to council and it was met with unanimous support from then Councilmembers Atkin, West, Brinkman and Asher (If you want to create a “family-friendly” town, you have to create family-friendly resources like skate-parks and dog-parks!).

When Complete, The Joseph Emery Skate Spot will include features like this “Flow Bowl”.

Public Works Director Maurice Kaufmann embraced the project and led the workshops that engaged the local skateboarding community. Skatepark specialists Wormhoudt Inc. were called upon to solicit feedback and work within the confines of the space to create something unique. Wormhoudt has created notable parks locally, nationally and internationally. “The local skateboard community worked along with the design team and was instrumental in forming the ideas for the skate park” noted Councilmember Davis. When complete, the skate spot will include a flow bowl, quarter pipe, banks, a dragon back, volcanoes and other skate features.

The entire conceptual plan can be viewed above:

The linear park located right off of San Pablo Avenue represents some challenges as it’s been the target of homeless and the lack of toilet facilities have put a burden on neighboring businesses. A public toilet was mandatory but existing structures are expensive to build and expensive to maintain. The City Housing Committee recommended the “Portland Loo” style facility because of its low-cost and low-maintenance. The structures have gained quite a following because of their durability and provide privacy but discourage lingering and other unsavory activity.


After considerable planning and additional work on the storm drain and irrigation system, construction is finally underway at the Joseph Emery Linear Park. According to the city’s latest June progress report, the long anticipated Skate Spot is slated to be complete by Mid-September. “I anticipate that over the next couple weeks we will starting see forms being placed for the concrete skate structures.” noted Kaufmann through email.

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Rob Arias

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who lived in Emeryville from 2003 to 2021. Rob founded The E'ville Eye in 2011 after being robbed at gunpoint and lamenting the lack of local news coverage. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.


  1. Rob, don’t you see how ‘petty’ you’re starting to look taking a hit, a poke at Jac Asher new E’ville Eye? You’re getting a Bruised Eye.

  2. RE: Rob Arias’ attempt to credit Nora Davis with the new skate park-

    Nice try Rob but it wasn’t Councilwoman Nora Davis who championed this park it was Councilwoman Ruth Atkin. Ruth is the one who from the beginning drove this transformation of the Pixar bike/ped path. We all know you love you some Nora Davis (the most conservative Council member) but you can’t just make shit up like this. I don’t Like Ruth Atkin on the City Council for the most part but at least I’m willing to give credit where it’s due.

    Oh and you’re really letting your anti-homeless people sociopathic tendencies fly with this one: the path “has been the target of homeless” you say. Homeless people haven’t “targeted” that area. It’s as if it’s being done with malice and volition. What kind of language is that you’re choosing? They’ve lived in that area….living, not targeting. Homeless people aren’t evil. They’re not looking to destroy the public commons, they’re living in the commons…. So if a homeless person sits on a park bench he’s targeted the bench? Is this thinking of them as less than human how you justify you’re sociopathic attempts you’ve advocated in this blog to drive them out of Emeryville ?

    • Well Mr. Donahue, I was at the workshops and Nora was the only Councilmember there. I acknowledged all Councilmembers for supporting it but I do believe that Nora initiated the discussion (She’s also the only vocal supporter of our proposed Dog Park). We also know that you despise her (perhaps you’re an agist?) and would never give her credit for anything. Please outline your suggestions for dealing with homelessness. Perhaps we can establish some space at the Artist Coop for camping and human waste? Because if you’re opposed to this that would be pretty hypocritical. Don’t you remember when you called CalTrans and complained about the encampments? Did you forget? Do you want to review this video and discuss who is a “sociopath”?

  3. Personally, the skate park doesn’t have enough family friendly units for my liking. And honestly, the Portland Loo seems intentionally designed to attract only young white upwardly mobile professionals.

    • LOL! Maybe we should reject the project and see if we can bargain harder for more affordable skate features and a living wage for the inhabitants.

  4. How to deal with the homeless Rob? How about with compassion and dignity?
    And Rob, you should go over to a dictionary and look up the word ‘sociopath’ before using it….it’s not flattering when people misuse words in such a public fashion.

    • You must be another type of “path” then. I’ll tell you what. You answer my questions, I’ll answer yours. That’s a healthy discussion. Distorting ones views to fit your agenda is YOUR trademark and doesn’t warrant a response from me.

    • Back, back to the Tattler with you. There be civility here abouts. You and your cursed RULE minions have no place here. Back, back into the darkness with you!

      • You’ve made an interesting point here, Mr Anonymous. You seem to be a very creative type; as in not constrained by the normally accepted parameters of the English language. ‘Darkness’ is hereby transformed to mean a willingness to treat homeless people with compassion and dignity. It’s also ‘dark’ in this new way of talking, for people to assemble to work for the betterment of their community. It’s interesting! ‘Lightness’ presumably then becomes it’s normal opposite. Like I said, it’s all very creative and interesting but it’s a little disconcerting. I mean if you’re so willing to reverse the meaning of words like you do with such bravado and joyous abandonment, how do you conduct normal day-to-day business in your transactions with people? It seems like it would be very difficult! Like most artists, you seem to be willing to suffer for your art. It’s very noble. So please do go on, it’s most interesting.

  5. Hear me not? Away. Away! Ay, ye slink through the day and hunt upon the night. Ye taste the darkness and it tastes as light. But hunt ye not here! For your taste is not the truth, but the howl of the fight. The stench and blood of battle feeds your hunger, and the rip and gurgle console you as the moon. Go out from here with your hounds to feed afar, but from here go, and go now! For the daylight comes, and your senses betray you. The Tattler calls out to the pricked ears to hasten home. Heed it or heed me! The truth comes like the blaze of morn, and there, in the blackness, amongst your cursed kin, it shall not touch you. Away my dark friend. The night is yours, but it wanes.

    • I think the truth is the best defense against an attack by RULE & The Tattler … but perhaps I’ll wear some garlic around my neck just to be on the safe side 😉

  6. Only Brian Donahue could turn a positive article about a family-friendly public works project into a flame war.

    Brian, someone needs to tell you that you are a jerk, a public nuisance, bully, and frankly a weirdo. Yes, I am calling you out on that. I’ll repeat it to your face, in public, and anywhere.

    Just SHUT UP!

    • But Brian has lived here the longest (I know because he reminds us every time he speaks) and he & R.U.L.E. know what’s best for Emeryville. Shouldn’t their small but vocal opinions count for more than ours based on tenure?

    • What’s scary is that he’s the leader of the little cabal that has taken over the city council and are now trying to remake the city in their own image. This will not end well.

  7. What you fail to “understand” Rob, is that there are no gray areas, nor areas where good people can disagree. There is only right and wrong. And Brian has declared himself the sole and final authority on all matters upon which he chooses to pontificate.

    I personally have had enough of his aggressive dominance of local issue social media.

    His demeanor is very un-neighborly, very destructive to community building, and he is making Emeryville an UN-livable, divided place.

    He is unable to carry on civil discourse and I encourage local social media to boycott his destructive diatribes.

    I will “own” these comments of mine in public and my words are clear, strong, but non-violent and non-threatening – unlike his.

    He is a public nuisance and I will react to him as such.

    • It’s good to see more people standing up to this behavior. Nobody should be afraid of him though as he’s already on the radar of the EPD and he knows how this will reflect on RULE & Council if he’s ever arrested and kill any shred of credibility he might be clinging to. He’ll continue his tightrope act of aggressive and confrontational behavior and cyber-bullying. It’s just a shame that his affiliates won’t take a stand against his behavior (or even enable it?).

    • The problem is that its no longer just Brian. The new city council is Brian’s clique. They share the same ideology, the same self-certainty, and the same very limited world view. You can see it in how often they ignore the advice of staff and the community. What they want is ‘progressive’ by definition. Notice how often Brian attacks anything he disagrees with as ‘conservative’. If Brian wants traffic calming on his street, that’s progressive. If Brian wants a $16 minimum wage, that’s progressive. If we have to toss the homeless out to build a skate park, that’s progressive. If Brian wants less young people renting here, that’s progressive. If Rob or anyone disagrees, they must not be progressive. What RULE wants is an Emeryville that looks and acts just like them. That ain’t progressive.

      • I’ll tend to agree with you. Someone like Jac Asher would read these comments and think “oh poor Brian”. They just don’t understand him or what we’re trying to do for the greater good of society “. She is way more dangerous than him though as her thinking is just as uncompromising but it comes in a better delivery.

  8. Brian and RULE need to be taken out. He now controls this town. He and his blog need to be silenced. The people of Emeryville deserve our town back. We need to meet privately and figure out how to do this. I’m not sure how to do it but it must be done.

    • Not necessary. Every time he opens his mouth or pens another fabricated story, he loses support for himself, R.U.L.E. and his candidates. He can’t stop himself. Let him dig his own grave.

    • I don’t think he or his blog are much of a threat. There aren’t many people left who believe what’s written there. And, since he censors every opposing viewpoint, the only readers left are those who already conform religiously to a fairly paranoid perspective. The guy makes stuff up and reports it as news. It’s pretty hard for people not to catch on at some point.

  9. Agreed, he doesn’t need to be “taken out” – that’s the kind of language he uses.
    He doesn’t need to be silenced- he has his own stupid blog. He just doesn’t need an audience on anyone else’s.
    He just needs to be rebutted and rebuked publicly.
    Let the light of day be his undoing.
    That’s the way to deal with bullies.

    PS- my intuition tells me Brian or an ally is the author of the anonymous “taken out” post – just to poison the well.

    • Oh yeah. I smelled that from a mile away. He’s trying to generate sympathy or even imply that his opposition are the evil-doer, clandestine group in the city (As if commenting on a public blog that is uncensored somehow meets this criteria?). I’m glad nobody took the bait.

    • I assumed the same thing. He/they do this a lot in the comments both here and on the Tattler. It’s fun to find these posts. They’re frightfully obvious. The tone is raucously ridiculous as if written by a gun toting, neo Nazi, right wing extremist capitalist czar of evil encouraging the oppression and silencing of the Tattler and all things constitutional. Meanwhile, the only one censoring and silencing people is the Tattler itself.

      It’s tough work when you have to both maintain your own crazy position and then invent another even crazier one to have a comically idiotic enemy to make you seem oppressed.

      And this is the group that is governing Emeryville…bloody hell.

      • My guess is that about 25% of his traffic are die-hards that think his word is gospel and the other 75% are those he lures in with sensational headlines, those that are amused by his form of “fiction” and want a good laugh and those that just want to hear what ridiculous things he has to say.

  10. Chill out you guys. I am not Brian Donahue or an ally of Brian Donahue…far from it. I want him stopped as much as you guys do. I just think we have to be smart about this. Obviously he can’t be stopped by violence or threats. We have to be united on this. Please stop accusing people that agree with you.
    We need to counter him at every turn. The E’ville Eye has been good on this so far, maybe the negative stories on Brian and his blog can be increased. When he speaks at the council meetings we should bracket him in a truth telling storm of commenters. Don’t let him speak unopposed. I disagree with Rob when he says Brian is harmless and has no followers to speak of. He controls the council. We know he reads these comments. We should take our planning off line.
    We need to step up the opposition of RULE. We can start going to their meetings and not allowing them to operate in their campaign of lies. We can stop them right at the source. They need to be stopped as much as Brian and his blog of lies.

    • Uh, no. There’s no subversive group, no need to counter him at every turn. No need to stop RULE at the source. No stories need to be fabricated. There’s no need to oppose Brian or oppose RULE. There’s no need even to be particularly smart about anything.

      A bunch of people just telling the truth and saying what they think in a public, uncensored forum. That’s all that’s required.

      Brian and RULE do their thing and show us what they’re all about. It speaks for itself. The more they do, the more they show the community who they are.

      Start with a little story about a local success, a skate park. Nice. Makes you feel good to be part of Emeryville, no? Then Brian shows up and tries to turn it into an ugly fight. He starts calling people names. And the community responds with their feelings about Brian and RULE.

      A few people are attracted to Brian’s behavior. Most people are repulsed.

      It’s really that simple.

      (And honestly, your whole comment, if not Brian’s alter ego, is an impressive tribute to his style.)

    • Anonymous 8:06 PM,
      Glad you’re chiming in and paying attention and regardless if this is subterfuge or not, the best thing you can do is express to the council your dismay with how they’re operating by emailing them and vote accordingly. There is already dissent within the opposing factions of R.U.L.E. (the reasonable and the radical if you will) with the reasonable questioning if Brian is in fact a liability to them.

  11. Well I disagree with those of you who say we’re powerless to stop Brian and stop RULE. Doing nothing is how we got to the point where we are now and nobody here finds that acceptable. I think we have to stop attacking each other. Can’t you see that’s what Brian wants? We need to shut him down. I think Rob shouldn’t be posting his comments since all he does is engage in personal attacks and lies. I know Brian stories drive up readership but you’re doing a disservice by encouraging him.

    • There has been only one Brian story when he was showing up at local small businesses and harassing them for signing a petition regarding the minimum wage. Brian is only relevant to the extent that he is representative of the RULE block on city council.

      Allowing anyone to post here uncensored gives the Eville Eye credibility and makes this the meeting place for the community. Whether you agree or disagree, you can say what you think. And if you do it respectfully (hint, hint RULE), you’ll be treated respectfully. That’s democracy and community. There’s room for differing views.

      Carefully controlling the comments and message on a site so that the supreme leader’s (fictional) message can never be questioned…does that sound like a progressive ideal? Or like, maybe, North Korea?

      The disturbing part for me is not that there are people who try to prevent people from hearing other views, it’s that a group of people purposefully isolate themselves from differing views to avoid really thinking about issues, to make it easy to maintain very narrow beliefs.

    • Thanks Anonymous 2:49 pm. Feel free to reach out to me privately anytime. My contact form is at the top of the site. As it stands, anyone is free to comment unless it gets too malicious. If I censor him the way he does his readers, I’m no better than him. When I start my “Residents against RULE from R.U.L.E.” group, you’ll be my first invite!

  12. Hello E’Ville Eye commenters!

    It’s been a lot of fun (and edifying) to read from some of you all about your fears of me and RULE and the progressive City Council majority so openly expressed here. I have very much enjoyed it so far…as I said before, please do go on; it’s most interesting.

    I do want to break in here though and clear up a brazen lie foisted upon you by Rob Arias, the editor of this blog. Rob is big on lying and usually I let him carry on without comment but with regard to his canard about the Emeryville Tattler censoring comments, I gotta call bullshit. He’s been saying this from the start and to the extent he has hoodwinked any of you, I invite you to not take Rob’s word for it but instead try it out for yourself (you know, skepticism). Leave a comment…about anything except actual personal attacks against individuals (except me whom you CAN personally attack as much as you like). FYI a personal attack would be a hostile comment on say a Council Member’s appearance or family or something like that. You can say anything in criticizing their job performance however. Ordinary citizens receive the most protection against personal attack at the Tattler, public figures receive less protection and I receive no protection.
    So go ahead and let ‘er rip and don’t hold anything back. For those who may be not so bold as to make a comment, I invite you to check out the comments in the Tattler…there have been thousands of them over the years. See if you can find any comments critical of the Tattler or me personally. FYI, a quick perusal will reveal Rob Arias to be a scammer. That’s how Rob treats his own readers. It’s really quite brazen since it’s so easily checkable and now I’ve shown you how to check it.

    Brian Donahue
    Editor of the Tattler

    • Been there. Done that. You censor comments you don’t agree with. Maybe you just decided to change your policy and that would be a good thing. But when you post completely made up stories and people call you on it, you don’t post the comments. I’ve tried at least half a dozen times before. You are a liar.

      Comments on the Eville Eye appear immediately (so you know Rob isn’t censoring them). Comments on the Tattler are held until you approve them, and if they don’t fit your agenda, you don’t approve them.

      If you’re turning over a new leaf, good for you.

  13. So there are no comments in the Tattler critical of me or the Tattler? That’s what you’re saying, right?
    To everyone else, this anonymous person (maybe Rob?) just called me a liar because he alleges I don’t post comments critical of me or the Tattler in the Tattler. It’s extraordinarily easy for anyone to find out if Mr Anon is correct; check out the comments in the Tattler. If he is correct, you’ll see nothing but favorable (or neutral) comments there.
    In fact Mr Anon, a person who lacks the courage of his convictions and hides behind an anonymous posting while hurling invective, is the one lying here. He has not made comments in the Tattler that weren’t posted unless they were filled with personal attacks against people. And on that note, I’ve only deleted 5 or 6 of those kinds of postings ever in the entire five years of the Tattler. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

    • Wrong. That you delete MOST critical posts does not mean that you delete ALL critical posts. You let a few through as straw men. Then you knock them down. You are trying, by deception, to create the impression that you’re the voice of reason and that all other positions people hold are part of one nefarious plot or another.

      Everyone knows you censor posts. If you really want to prove that you have stopped this practice, stop requiring your approval before the posts appear. And, not just this week but forever. If a person posts and sees the post immediately, they know you’re no longer filtering them. If the post doesn’t appear until later, you are filtering them. Just flip the switch on your blog (permanently), and we will welcome you to the world of transparency.

      Personally, what I find cowardly is your fear of ideas, your fear of having the RULE crowd hear how much of your writing is complete fiction, your fear that people who hold different ideas than you might be right, your fear that others might actually be able to undermine your hold on your little group simply by allowing them to hear what you’re doing, and your fear that you can’t hold your own in an argument without making personal attacks. The truth is true even when posted anonymously.

      You lie. You make things up. You make personal attacks against anyone who stands against your position. And you censor comments to make it impossible to point this out to your readers. It’s not personal. It’s not invective. It’s what you do.

      • OK Mr 2:42 AM Anonymous,

        First you say I don’t permit any critical comments in the Tattler. Now you’re changing that to I don’t post most comments. That’s a cute trick…it’s called moving the goal posts. I’ve told you you can test this charge of yours by making comments on the Tattler. You’re refusing to do that so I’ll do it for you…at least until I grow weary of doing your work for you. I’ll start by posting this last comment of yours. We’ll call you Mr 2:42 AM Anonymous in the Tattler. The above comment will appear in the last Tattler story.
        So go ahead and comment in the Tattler by commenting in the E’Ville Eye. Say anything you want…you can compare me to Hitler if you wish and it’ll go in the Tattler. You’re too cowardly to use your name but If you are too cowardly to even use your new name I’ve given you, I’ll try to guess when it’s you and I’ll post your newest E’Ville Eye comment in the Tattler.

        Ready to move the goal posts again Mr 2:42 AM Anonymous? Go check it out (give me a few minutes to post your comment).

      • I don’t begrudge anyone who wishes to remain anonymous especially while engaging a known harasser in the city and someone whom has a platform dedicated to smearing & slandering staff, businesses and residents. If you’re looking for redemption on this blog for years of mistruths, sorry but I think that ship may have sailed. Sounding pretty desperate & pathetic Mr. Donahue. Do you have anything else to say about the skate park? Your public comment is over (oooh … too soon?).

      • Brian, actually, the only one in this thread who said you don’t post ANY critical comments is you. The original poster said “You censor comments you don’t agree with”, which I think is true. The OP didn’t say that you censor ALL comments you don’t agree with.

        You are misrepresenting what the OP said so that you can then say he moved the goal posts. Feel free to ‘stand corrected’.

        It seems equally bad if not worse that you’re now trying to move this conversation over to the Tattler so people lose the context, and you can again control what your readers hear. Put a link on your site pointing people here if you want them to read the discussion. I think the context is important, and I don’t think it’s legal anyway for you to lift complete text from someone else’s site and copy it to yours.

        I agree with the OP that if you want to be transparent, stop filtering comments. If they appear right away like on the Eville Eye then people know you’re letting everything through, otherwise, it’s obvious you’re reviewing and filtering them.

        Feel free to drop this comment on your blog with a link to the Eville Eye’s page.

  14. OK, I’ve posted Mr 2:42 AM Anonymous’ comment in the Tattler. Rob, yours is going in too. This charge of yours about the Tattler censoring is bullshit and you know it. I’m not going to let you lie to your readers about this and then be called out by you describing my proof as “desperate”. No, you said I don’t let critical comments through at the Tattler. That’s what you told your readers. To now attempt to belittle the proof you lied won’t stand.

    • OK, let’s start by asking why you censored a comment I tried to post on your “The Face of Minimum Wage Workers” article asking that you divulge that Elijah Esquibel was in fact on the board of Unite Here! 2850. Will you post this on the Tattler for me and possibly address why this didn’t meet your censorship standards? (boom.)

      What do you think Anon. How is Brian going to spin this? That he forgot to “allow” this comment or that he never saw it? Will he make up some criteria why he didn’t allow it? My guess is he won’t address it and attack from some different angle. He’s known for deflecting an argument instead of addresses it head on.

      • Brian will:
        a) aggressively deny that he has censored posts
        b) completely ignore suggestions that he stop filtering posts
        c) claim everyone other than him isn’t playing fair
        d) attack you and anyone who disagrees with him
        e) cherry pick comments from your site and copy them to his site pretending transparency, when in fact, he’s giving himself complete control over what his readers read
        f) keep this going until everyone is tired of the topic and has moved on
        g) go right pack to censoring posts next week

        I’ve posted a few times on the Tattler questioning his take on things. The submissions gets acknowledged on his site but the posts never appear. He either has a really broken site (that works well only if you check the “I’m with RULE” box) or he’s choosing what posts appear. Since the ones that do appear take a long time, I’m pretty sure he has the board set to be fully moderated so he can fully control the message.

        I agree that if he wants to show he’s transparent, stop moderating the comments and let everything appear immediately.

        BTW, the skate park looks cool 🙂

  15. OK Rob, I’m calling your bullshit out again. You never posted this comment in the Tattler.
    This is not a personal attack on anyone and therefore it will be posted right now, that being the first time this has been posted. Consider it posted in the newest Tattler story. If you want it posted also in any other story, let me know. Give me time to post it and I’ll be waiting for more comments from you and your minions.
    How’s that for head on?
    ANY Tattler comment like this will be posted.

    • If you answered “he forgot to ‘allow’ this comment or that he never saw it” … Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Show him what he’s won Johnny!
      Looks like at least half a dozen people that you have censored are coming forward (in a post unrelated to you & The Tattler I might add). Seems like your house of lies is collapsing, you might want to pull out. Will you turn off your comment moderation? That’s the easy fix. It might make your blog more interesting … if not more accurate.

  16. I posted on the Tattler back when Brian invented a conspiracy theory that the National Restaurant Association was funding local opposition to the minimum wage hike. He invented the whole story. Completely made up. The local businesses, on their own, had started a petition drive asking city council to do an economic study.

    I posted a comment pointing out that the story was made up. As of today, zero comments have appeared on that page. Brian blocks comments that shine a light on what he’s doing, no doubt about it.

    I remember pointing out that it made no sense that he was saying small businesses couldn’t afford to send a mailing on their own but had such deep pockets, they should have no problem with a 60% increase in the minimum wage.

    I laughed when I went back and read Brian’s blog entry. It’s just fodder for the paranoid and delusional who want to believe they are fighting big business:

    “A powerful and deep pocketed lobbying group, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and its subsidiary the California Restaurant Association (CRA) have clandestinely moved into our town, operating in the shadows, spending money and working to effect the outcome of the minimum wage policy now being publicly debated at City Hall the Tattler has learned.”

    If you allow rational people to comment unrestrained, this fake world his group is trying to maintain can’t survive. I think the comparison to North Korea is a good one. The only difference is that the people of North Korea can’t leave.

    If Brian’s crowd steps out into the world and listens to opposing views, they’ll realize that the issues are not all black and white, that lots of good people have conflicting ideas about how to improve Emeryville, and that it’s a community, not a battle of good (them) versus evil (everyone else).

  17. Ok you guys, here’s how this is going to work; I’m going to devote a Tattler entree as a clearing house to all E’Ville Eye commenters who think I censor comments. I’m going to do this long enough so any reasonable person will see Rob is lying when he makes his fatuous claim about the Tattler. So go ahead guys…knock yourselves out. Give me a couple of hours to set it up.

    • Brian, I honestly never thought I’d have any remorse for you considering how vicious you’ve been to me, my neighbors and our small businesses but this is sounding really sad and pathetic. Let it go man!

    • Brian, just stop moderating the comments like everyone has suggested. If you won’t do that, then obviously you intend to filter comments you don’t want published regardless of whatever special case you set up for ‘long enough’ to convince yourself you’ve made a good show.

    • OK Brian, I’ll indulge you. I just posted the comment below on your blog as well as The E’ville Eye on 8/18 at 9:47 A.M.

      So you’re claiming I have an obsession with Tattler … by reposting every comment on The E’ville Eye thread? Hmm … you are really letting your sociopathic behavior fly with this one Brian!

      Interesting (but not surprising) that your trying to vindicate yourself from censoring comments … by censoring comments! In particular you left out this comment in your “Clearinghouse” thread:

      “Let’s start by asking why you censored a comment I tried to post on your ‘The Face of Minimum Wage Workers’ article asking that you divulge that Elijah Esquibel was in fact on the board of Unite Here! 2850. Will you post this on the Tattler for me and possibly address why this didn’t meet your censorship standards?”

      So the “conversation” on the E’ville Eye was that at least 1/2 dozen people noted their comments were censored (in a post completely unrelated to Brian or the Tattler I might add, and one celebrating the construction of Emeryville’s first skatepark). Commenters and myself asked Brian if he wished to debunk this, to turn his comment moderation off. He thus far has not addressed this.

      Now Here’s the real test. Will you post the link to your council harassment accusation meltdown compilation video?


      • Rob’s comment (above) was made to the Tattler and as a consequence was posted. Then I posted the following comment:

        Every comment that gets made to the Tattler* gets posted, including yours Rob. Here it is. Enjoy!

        *No personal attacks against people (except Brian Donahue can be attacked)

      • Well I put you on the spot and FTR, three hours later you “approved” the comment with your rebuttal. In your warped mind I suppose this is vindication but ultimately nobody but you is buying it. So Sad.

  18. Brian, I posted Anonymously on the Tattler about 12 hours ago in your thread made specifically to ‘prove’ you don’t filter posts. As I’m sure you already know, the post was directed at your readers and suggested that you were playing a game with them. It encouraged them to read the content at the Eville Eye in context.

    You apparently forgot not to censor that post. Maybe you should let it through now.

    And could I make two other suggestions:
    1) Stop moderating your blog as everyone has suggested so that people can comment without you filtering what your readers hear. I assume you aren’t responding to these suggestions because you know that an open comment section on the Tattler would make it impossible (or at least much more difficult) for you to make things up and report them as news.
    2) Create a “Brian’s Hostile Comment Clearinghouse” on your site and put all of your own hostile comments there. I would start with your initial comment that set off this whole thing where you describe Rob as sociopathic. If you have a place where you put all of your hostility, then maybe what’s left will be a nice guy.

  19. FYI, these newest comments have been loaded into the Tattler E’ville Eye Negative Comment Clearinghouse. Keep ’em coming guys! You can let Tattler readers know just what you think.

  20. Let’s wrap this up. Final conclusions:
    – Brian continues to claim he doesn’t censor comments.
    – There is a lot of evidence to the contrary from many different people.
    – It has been suggested to Brian that he stop moderating all comments to prove he is credible.
    – He has ignored this suggestion, so we can assume he will continue to censor comments to allow himself to make up stories with impunity.
    – He has engaged in a side show to distract attention from his original side show.

    In short, life in Emeryville is as it always has been. Let’s all return to our lives and just fix things at the next election.

    The skate park looks great.

    • I concur. In fact, I spoke with three skaters in my neighborhood last weekend and they were all excited about it. I can still Ollie up a curb and intend on getting out there myself and hopefully not kill myself.

  21. And if it wasn’t already clear that that Tattler Guy is bat shit CRAZY, he also just smeared you on Nextdoor. I’m kind of worried for you Rob. Is this guy violent?

      • Ha! I saw it. That guy is really off the rails. He basically reposted what he wrote in his own blog and then when someone said it was inflammatory and shouldn’t be on Nextdoor he replied “I’m just correcting a canard Mr Arias keeps telling his readers and Nextdoor readers about the Emeryville Tattler. He’s falsely saying the Tattler censors comments,”
        As far as being violent, who knows? He’s not exactly demonstrating behavior that would rule this out. Lets just say If I turn up dead, he should be the prime suspect.

      • If you turn up dead with a note saying “Rob Arias is just using this canard of death to promote his conservative blog”, then I’m going to post a really angry letter on the Tattler demanding unequivocally that he stop using the word “canard” in every other sentence.

        The sad thing, other than your death of course, is that he will probably censor my post.

  22. They are insecure and scared. They don’t like something about themselves, sometimes they don’t like a lot about themselves.

    Bullies don’t know how to make real friends. They don’t know how to get what they want and need any other way. A Bully does what he does because it gets them something they think they need right away.

    Some bullies seem popular, but even those ones are scared and insecure inside. They think they have to be mean to other people in order to be liked. Sometimes they will brag and show off. They do this because they are trying to draw attention away from what it is they don’t like about themselves. Sort of like how a magician does a magic trick. While you are watching what he is doing in one hand, he is hiding something else with his other.

    A Bully might have a learning disability, an illness, or something else really scary that makes them frustrated and angry. They are people just like you. They get sad, scared, hurt, and feel lonely sometimes.

    Bullies are desperate for attention and approval. They want to be noticed. They want to be talked to. They want to be loved. It sounds weird that someone would beat you up or pick on you because they want to be loved, but it’s true. They bully wants someone to notice what they are doing and give them attention. When someone feels that sad and alone, even bad attention feels better than none at all. No matter what it looks like on the outside, inside, bullies are not happy.

  23. Ever used a dictionary?
    A bully is an abusive person that’s powerful. Someone who picks on weaker people. If it’s the opposite; someone less powerful attacking someone more powerful, that’s called ‘speaking truth to power’.

  24. Brian, so are you saying that Rob is more powerful than you and therefore that justifies your crude behavior? Or what about the female owners of that business who you went and yelled at about the minimum wage? They are more powerful too? What about random commenters who you browbeat and make personally insulting comments to? They are more powerful than you too?

    And now that you are working hand in hand with the city council majority, does that not make you quite powerful compared to the rest of us who just live and work here?

    This idea matters because it sums up what the current city council seems to think: “As long as we are attacking someone we think has power, then everything we do no matter how damaging, extreme, divisive, illegal, or ill considered must be ok.” This is a dangerous, dangerous idea. A man doing bad things with the conviction that he is doing them for noble reasons has nothing, not even his conscience, to hold him back.

    The dictionary lists bully as “a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker”. That doesn’t sound far off the mark. It doesn’t require strength to bluster or browbeat. It requires exactly the opposite.

    • Well Rob says he’s more powerful than me. He calls me a weak dictator…weak and of no consequence yet also I run the town. I think it changes depending on a specific point he’s trying to make.
      Female business owners I “yelled at”. Wow that sounds bad. How do you know that’s what happened? Where you there standing in the corner? Or are you going to just libel people you don’t like just as Rob does?

      You might want to consider that Rob could be wrong about me running the town. It could be his way of trying to get more clicks and make more money. The boogeyman is gunna get ya… Read all about it .

      • Rob could be wrong. You could be wrong. I could be wrong. And we all need to behave with that in mind.

        I believe what the women said because it fits with what I’ve seen in your actions. It doesn’t matter to me if it was yelling or aggressive talking or some slight variant.

        If you were always a gentleman, I would question a story that didn’t fit with that. I don’t need Rob’s help to read what you write or to watch you at council meetings.

        People don’t question your behavior because of Rob, they question your behavior because of your behavior.

        I don’t agree with people who say you’re crazy. I think you believe that what you do is justified because you are certain you are right. You also enjoy the attention.

        I don’t think you have any idea how powerful you could be if you weren’t trying so hard to be powerful.

  25. Anyone who would use his own daughter as a prop in his personal war the way he’s done at EUSD meetings is clearly someone who lacks empathy and is unstable. So many of the people that are in the crosshairs of his anger also happen to be gay I’ve noticed. Crouch, Gooding, Bauters, the girls from the coffee shop. Perhaps not only is Mr. Donahue a sociopath, he ’s also a bigot? Do you happen to be gay Rob? I’d be careful with that man. We don’t know what he’s capable of.

    • No, don’t happen to be gay (married to the same woman for 8 years now) although that is an interesting observation and I’ve heard the stories about his antics at EUSD meetings. Hopefully none of those mentioned take exception to this comment but keep that in mind if I have to moderate this. I’m still trying to determine when I need to intervene.

    • Let’s keep kids out of the discussion. Whether the point is valid or not, it’s just not a good idea to include kids and choices people make as parents in the conversation. That gets too personal too fast.

    • For what it’s worth, I think Brian’s antics are directed indiscriminately. Not that it’s proof of anything one way or another, but he’s got a rainbow flag flying on the top right of his blog.

      I think what you might be noticing is in fact a valid observation but may be for another reason than bigotry: Brian escalates everything into a bigger and bigger fight when people don’t back down or walk away. It’s really Donald Trump-esque.

      Those who are more accustomed to having to stand up for themselves are more likely to end up in a long, unpleasant battle than those who don’t feel it’s worth their time.

      Those who take Brian to task for his actions, particularly those who do it well and in public, earn his eternal, ceaseless wrath. If you are on the receiving end of his angst, consider it a testament to your character.

      I’m looking at you Rob.

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