Emeryville’s Beauty captured through an Instagram Community Photo Gallery

Published On November 10, 2014 | By Rob Arias | Gallery

We’ve done Food, Pets, Art & Places … behold the latest photo gallery with contributions from the @EvilleEye Instagram Community: E’ville Beauty! What is “E’ville Beauty”? Natural Beauty, Sunsets, The Bay, Flowers, etc. (things our little city has a robust amount of). #EvilleBeauty has gotten quite a bit of traction and we’re grateful for the community contributions that have captured Emeryville’s vibrancy. Follow The E’ville Eye Community News on Instagram @EvilleEye and make your own contributions!


#EvilleBeauty Instagram Filter:

Note: The Instagram API allows for streaming only 20 images through this plugin:
[instapress tag=”evillebeauty” piccount=”50″ size=”140″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″]

Use the Instagram app (available for iPhone and Android) to capture images in Emeryville and the adjacent communities. “Hashtag” them in the caption by adding the “#” symbol in front of designated terms as such: #EvilleBeauty (no spaces, not case-sensitive).

The “Official” E’ville Eye Hashtagonomy:

#EvilleArt – Public Art, Street Art, DIY Art
#EvilleSpots – Architecture, landmarks, parks, trails, offices …
#EvillePets – The critters that we love so much.
#EvilleBites – Food & Drink photos from Emeryville Establishments.
#Evillains – Residents of Emeryville Enjoying themselves.
#EvilleArchive – Historic Photos.

About The Author

is a third generation Californian and East Bay native who moved to Emeryville in 2003. A new parent in the community, he can often be seen walking his French Bulldog rescue "Fiona" around his Park Avenue District neighborhood, traversing the greenway on his bike or enjoying his favorite Emeryville small businesses. Rob's "day job" is as a creative professional.

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