Welcome to the beginning of what we hope will one day become an indispensable component to our growing neighborhood. Our ambition is to provide a forum for residents of our community to share, interact and connect with each other. The idea arrived in 2010 when Editor Rob Arias was robbed at gunpoint in the Park Avenue district neighborhood and was frustrated by my inability to alert neighbors to be more vigilant. There simply was no vehicle to communicate with our entire neighborhood. Technology caught up with his vision through the blogging platform.

Emeryville is  such a small community that we really feel an opportunity exists for individuals to make a difference. We’re hoping more of you are out there that have an interest in what’s happening in our neighborhood and want to be informed. Ultimately it will be up to us, the community, to drive the conversation and together we can get those in charge to listen to our collective voice.

We’re hoping to recruit contributors from all around Emeryville to represent and speak for our entire city. We will post relevant information about our neighborhood, spotlight new places and list upcoming events. “Like Us” on Facebook to add new posts to your feed and stay on top of new happenings in our city. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute content to this blog, email us at We strive to report facts and be as objective as possible but feel free to contact us if we’ve missed anything or you object to any of the content posted and we’ll do our best to set the record straight.

The E’ville Eye Regular Contributors:

rariasjrRob Arias (Writer/Editor)
A Graphic Designer by trade, Rob is an East Bay native & 10 year Emeryville resident. He can often be seen walking his French Bulldog rescue “Fiona” around his Park Avenue District neighborhood or in the backyard Patio of Aquarius Cafe or Rudy’s enjoying breakfast on a sunny weekend.

Jacqueline “Jax” Hampton (E’ville Biz & Human Interest)jax
Fiction writer and cat aficionado discovered Emeryville in the ’90s, loved it and stayed. At work on the second draft of her upcoming thriller, she emerges to indulge her scone habit at Arizmendi.
And for lattes…

williamWilliam He (E’ville Development)
William is an aspiring urban planner with a Master’s Degree from San Jose State University. He wrote his thesis on the impact of redevelopment projects in Emeryville from the 1990′s to the present. His interests involve community planning, land uses, and urban design. William moved to Emeryville in 2011 and grew up in Oakland. On his spare time he enjoys traveling and photography.

williamBrenda Ton (E’ville Bites)
A loyal East Bay native who’s lived in Emeryville since 2012. Brenda is a food writer with a passion for exploring the local food scene and learning about the culture of food. When her mind isn’t fixated on food, she’s enjoying a bike ride along the marina. She has a weakness for salty pig parts and ice cream. Check out her food blog Bites & Bourbon

williamBobby Lee
A Bay Area native who’s lived in the Christie Core Neighborhood since 2010, Bobby enjoys exploring the far corners of our region, trying the newest restaurants in the area, or relaxing to 80′s era television sitcoms and game shows. For the past six years, he’s hosted a web video series called 2 Minute Finance teaching basic money management and consumer education.


All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.


There are times when we get things wrong and we’re not afraid to admit it. If you catch a mistake, please let us know and we’ll document it on our dedicated Corrections page.

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  2. Jvk says:

    Hi rob,
    Not seeing much here…
    You still planning on loading more about the neighborhood in?
    Lots going on… Park ave competition, Sherman Williams build out, Pixar completion, … And what’s up with moving the e-ville down to the end of park? Was this only a rumor?
    - JVK

  3. RAW-B says:

    Hey Joe and thanks for checking in! I’m scouring the web for new information but it’s not readily available. I also inquired with Jennifer West our city council person but have not heard back from her. I need to build some resources to get these questions answered that we all have. If you have any of your own, please pass them along!

  4. Laura Gibson says:

    Thanks for all the support, Rob!
    Hope you can join us this week to celebrate:
    “Swing and Sway with Tuesday Blues at the Treff Café”
    AgeSong at Bayside Park’s Treff Café, 1440 40th St., Emeryville, CA 94608
    Tuesday, October 11 | 12:00PM
    Lunchtime. Music. Food. Community.
    Join us for a tasty snack on your lunch break!
    Questions? Ask for Jeff or Laura: (510)594-8800

  5. Phyllis says:

    Hi Rob,
    I didn’t know it was you who was robbed close by. Thanks for starting this. I agree that the place is a small-ish community and support your efforts. Will write more later but just wanted to check in here and see what was happening.
    Mother of Another Fiona

  6. AM says:

    HI, Rob! Just found your blog via the Facebook page. Thanks for all your effort to connect our small city together. I live up in the “Christie Core” (Shellmound, Christie, 64th, etc.) five years now and I love it here. Keep letting us know how we can all pitch in and help you out.


    • RAW-B says:

      Hello a.m.! I appreciate your kind words. Spread the word and contribute by commenting and helping get a good dialogue going. I’m always looking for stories, suggestions and contributions. If you do any writing (or know anybody that does), let me know!

  7. Kevin Laven says:

    Thanks for posting the summer performance series info Rob! I’ve added the E’ville Eye to my promotions list to send you info, events and happenings from the Community Services Department of the City of Emeryville.

  8. Thanks for doing this Rob. Looking forward to great community discussions and action

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  10. Ann Weber says:

    Hello Rob, Ann Weber here. I would like to email you information about the upcoming National Night Out on Tuesday, August 6 so that you can make a flyer for us to post and invite our neighbors to participate. This is one of our events that the Park Avenue Advisory Council is sponsoring. I can’t find your email. Please send it to me at Thank you and thank you for all the work that goes into the Blog. It’s fantastic. Best, Ann

  11. Robin Taylor says:

    Hello Rob. I am loving E’ville Eye. I am the Managing Director of Sobekick Gym in Emeryville. We would love to invite you (and any E’ville eye-tes out to visit us anytime. We chose to open our first West Coast location right here in Emeryville (for obvious reasons) in May. It’s a beautiful location, but most importantly a great representation of the E’ville spirit. We are at 6460 Hollis. I look forward to meeting you sometime. This site is brilliant!~Robin Taylor

  12. Malandro says:

    Hi Rob,

    I think E’ville Eye is great! I have been teaching athletic arts to the Emeryville youth since 2001. I currently run a school in Emeryville that teaches Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian Martial Art & Dance). We would love to invite you and rest of the E’ville eyes to visit us for a short demo in hopes to promote the capoeira school and its importance and impact on culture, society, and multi-ethnic relations.
    This is is our website: We offer classes to youths and adults and through Capoeira we are spreading the importance of respect, discipline and development of one’s self-esteem . We are a very small school but we deeply believe in the good that we are doing in the community and want to continue spreading that positive energy.

    Here is a short video about our school and the importance and relevance of culture and history in the martial arts world.

    Please enjoy , let us know about your availability and thank you for your help.


    Professor Malandro

  13. Robin Taylor says:

    Hi Rob, Thanks for your hard work keeping us all connected and informed. Just to let you and the Eville Community know, Sobekick Gym Emeryville supports any of you who have been effected by current government furloughs. If you or anyone you know have lost office gyms or ability to workout, you are invited to come here for FREE for the duration of your furlough. “What good is our strength, if we do not use it to lift others?”~[Jack Barnathan, NY Center for Strength.] We are here to keep us all strong!!!!Thank you~Robin Taylor, General Manager

  14. Joe B. says:

    I think the “e” on “vigilante” turns it into a person seeking retribution rather than a person remaining “vigilant” and watching out for himself. But I could be wrong on this. I was not an English major…

    Keep up the good work, I’m a regular reader and get your email updates!

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